Think outside the fencing of today
Rental fencing with interlocking fence panels Locking door panelsPedestrian door panelsGate panels on wheels Great protection, with unique locking doors, and security top; Green value with gates on wheels and other useful interlocking features.
Rental Fencing

JT Rentals provides fencing from as little as 1 day when required.
We will also deliver and setup or remove our fencing 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
We arrange for delivery, setup, additional fencing requirements and teardown at a time that will be least intrusive to you.

JT Rentals will work with contractors and renters of this product to produce fencing for their specific demands as well as to improve the current product available today.

Rental Fence Features
  • Interlocking fence panels, 10' & 12' lengths
  • Locking entry/exit gates on hinges, 68 X 88
  • Hinged gate panels with gates on 3, 3 X 8 wheels
  • Chain & locks
  • Cable & locks (more secure)
  • Security tops
locking entry/exit gates on hinges
The locking entry/exit gates on hinges were designed to allow easy access without timely teardown and re-installation of the regular fence panels. These can be placed at key entry/exit points allowing the fence to remain interlocked.
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hinged gate panels on wheels
The hinged gate panels on wheels are designed to provide easy access to the fenced in area where vehicles are entering and exiting on a regular basis but the site must be kept secure at all times.
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Service/ Delivery

JT Rentals will make special arrangements when or where there is a need for short term rental. We will provide this service based on location, fencing required and the time requirement for our product.

JT Rentals will remove any portion of the fencing no longer needed with only 1/2 month rental charge if picked up by the 15th of the month. 1st month full month.